March 16, 2022

Scott Gryder Urges President Biden to Act in Defense of Freedom

March 16, 2022

Scott Gryder Urges President Biden to Act in Defense of Freedom

Scott Gryder Urges President Biden to Act in Defense of Freedom

Scott Gryder Urges President Biden to Act in Defense of Freedom

Calls for New Leadership in 14th District:
“Lauren Underwood is Nowhere to be Found.”

Today, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Congress, pleading for the United States support of a no-fly zone over his country, in addition to vital military aid, especially fighter jets and anti-aircraft weapons. Standing in solidarity with President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people, Scott Gryder released the following statement:

“This morning, members of the United States Congress heard the tragic but inspiring words of President Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke to the devastation the people of Ukraine have endured at the hands of Vladimir Putin’s murderous regime, and the unwavering courage and resilience they have demonstrated in the face of this violence.

I commend President Zelensky for his valor and fearless leadership. While amazed by the strength and resolve President Zelensky has shown, I am equally bewildered at the lack of leadership shown by President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly denied offering the assistance the brave men and women of Ukraine so desperately need.

For Ukraine to have a fighting chance in defending their home, they need enforcement of a no-fly zone, fighter jets, and modern anti-aircraft defense.

The United States is the beacon of liberty and democracy, and we bear a great responsibility to live up to our highest ideals and lead the world in defending freedom.

President Biden must negotiate a deal with NATO to provide the Ukrainian Air Force with the fighter jets they need to compete with Russia in the air. Putin does not get to dictate the size of Ukraine’s Air Force while his forces bomb kindergartens and maternity hospitals. The United States cannot stand idly by and watch that happen.

Further, I am concerned that Lauren Underwood has failed to show leadership during this crisis. While others stand for what’s right, and people of the 14th District need their voices heard, Lauren Underwood is nowhere to be found.

Her inability to stand up to Joe Biden and call for action while he dithers on matters of life and death for the innocent people of Ukraine is but another example of her inexperience and lack of leadership.

As your representative, I will stand for freedom and the right of those who want to fight for their own defense and security. I will honor the traditions of our great nation and truly represent the people of the 14th District who are horrified by the suffering and humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine at the hands of a bloodthirsty regime. The time for change is now.”

Gryder is seeking the Republican nomination in the upcoming primary to challenge Underwood for the future of Illinois’ 14th congressional district.

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