April 18, 2022

Forced to Meet Her Constituents, Lauren Underwood Offers Gimmicks to Problems She Helped Create

April 18, 2022

Forced to Meet Her Constituents, Lauren Underwood Offers Gimmicks to Problems She Helped Create

Forced to Meet Her Constituents, Lauren Underwood Offers Gimmicks to Problems She Helped Create

OSWEGO, Ill. (April 18, 2022) – After an extended period of absence from Illinois 14th Congressional District, Lauren Underwood finally meets with residents in limited engagement. Noting her truancy, Kendall County Board Chairman, Scott Gryder, issued the following statement:

Lauren Underwood has been nowhere to be found in the 14th District for months. Now, confronting a very difficult re-election, Underwood has decided to show her face by holding three “townhalls,” the first of which was held tonight at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.   

Intended to serve as a forum for 14th District residents to share their opinions and concerns, these limited appearances by Underwood are, in fact, highly controlled and scripted events where Underwood can take credit for failed attempts to solve a problem she helped create.

Simply going through the motions of representation, Lauren Underwood offers insincere gimmicks meant to district us from the very real concerns people across the 14th District have regarding her performance in office as the problems she ignores increase daily. 

In meetings across the district, I hear from people deeply troubled over skyrocketing costs, with many finding it difficult to cover the basic essentials needed to survive.

These concerns are due to the surging price of food, fuel, and housing delivered to us by Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies – endorsed by Lauren Underwood – and as a result food pantries across Illinois 14th District are seeing a sharp increase in demand. Moreover, due to weakened purchasing power of the dollar, food banks are restricted in the relief they can provide over last year.  

Given recent news such as this article in the Daily Herald – 'Everything is more expensive': Food pantry demand rises amid worsening inflation – I have to wonder if this location was chosen ironically.

Rather than take responsibility for her inability to stand up to Joe Biden and put an end to the suffering of those struggling to cover basic expenses, Underwood continues to duck accountability and promises to hasten the rising cost of living by spending even more money we don’t have on programs that won’t fix the root causes behind the mess she’s ignored for far too long.

Lauren Underwood promised us a “better America.” If painful spikes in the price of nearly every single item we rely upon daily that result in demand for essential services offered by food banks in the 14th District is the better America she’s offering, we are in serious trouble.

Instead of empty promises, we need real change. As your next Representative from Illinois 14th District, I will stand up to Joe Biden and work to end the reckless policies causing needless pain felt when paying for life’s necessities.

Currently serving as Kendall County Board Chairman, Scott Gryder is challenging Lauren Underwood for the future of Illinois 14th District on behalf the hard-working people he meets every day who are struggling under the Biden-Underwood economy.

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